Yesterday 500px started a new page called discussion where the users can ask questions about photography. This is a wonderful option as it helps people to improve their skill. share ideas, share knowledge and so on.

So a fellow subscriber Marcos Luna asked how to improve his image.

This is the image he posted earlier.

So I replied him with an image I enhanced

He liked my work. So I am going to post a tutorial for him.

I made two copies of the layer

Changed the upper layer to screen

Added Layer Mask

Selected the Brush Tool with the opacity 100% and then selected BLACK color.

Painted Black on the white mask layer only on the portion which was within the ring to keep that portion to look as the original and the rest of the image looks bright.

Select the newly made selection and save.

Why SAVE? Reason you will know later.

In the Dialog box it asks you to save with a name. I named — Circle. Click OK.

Select Gradient Tool

Set foreground Color white and then choose Radial Gradient option

Click your mouse in the centre of the circle and stretch outside the image

If layer mask thumbnail looks like this you are doing it right.

You can play as much with your gradient tool till you are happy with your image.

This technique will help you to even make changes as per your taste.

If you feel your image is OK. You can stop here.

But if you feel you want to play with other filters as well you can do that too.

Remember, early in this tutorial we saved a selection? We can use that option further.

You have two options to select the circle.

First method is —

Go to Select — Load Selection

Load Selection Dialog Box opens

Select Circle from the Channel drop down options. Click OK.


You can select the circle by Ctrl and channel thumbnail named Circle.

Just make sure you have named correctly. (In my workflow since I have multiple saved selections naming each selections at the initial stage becomes important so I don’t mess up with my work at later stage).

Now, let’s move further.

Assuming that now you have the circle selected click on the icon showed below to create new adjustment layer.

I choose Hue/ Saturation

You can move the Hue marker to left or right as per your choice.

The Circle Selection will help you to apply various filters or colors only to the portion outside the ring.

But what if you want to make changes inside the ring?

Simple, all you have to do is invert the selection — Circle when you select it. And apply the same filters or various adjustment layers.

Hey Marcos, I hope I was helpful.

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