Pillpack Designed by IDEO

Designing strategies that redefines how customers engage with pharmacies.

Take the labeled dose packets at the core of the service. Parker says “Our design contribution was taking as much off of as possible.” The machine that prints them has serious limitations — pharmacists can select 8 or 16 point fonts, but can’t spec more design-y elements, like a typeface from Hoefler & Frere-Jones. Instead of squeezing the life-saving text onto a small label, it’s presented in a full-color, large format, easy-to-read infographic.

By focusing on a mail-order model, PillPack only needs to stock the medications its customers are actually buying. Moreover, retail pharmacies often have to repackage drugs if no one has claimed them at the counter after two weeks. It’s a law to prevent fraud, but because PillPack is sending the pills directly to the customer, they can operate more efficiently. “If you go through a retail pharmacy there are 15 active ingredients, and they make two aisles of products from them that everyone thinks are completely different,” says Parker.

The life-saving text is presented in a full-color, large format, easy-to-read infographic.

Proportion of people who took their medicine grew from 61 percent to 97 percent.

Big Problems Require New Kinds of Designers and I guess they had it.

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