Do you? Do you? Do you?

Dear marketing, business people and especially Yahoo groups, please print 2 copies of this article and put one on your desk and one on your designer’s.

  1. Make sure your emailers have unsubscribe link upfront.
  2. Please do not camouflage the link with your background colour
  3. Have an explicit link to unsubscribe and not some fancy word
WTF is Do not call

Unlist? Really?

No link at all!

5. If the user finds “unsubscribe” link with great difficulty and clicks on it — It’s not an accident. He really wishes to unsubscribe. Don’t ask him again.

6. No point in asking reasons to unsubscribe — If I don’t want, I don’t want. Why the fuck should I give you reasons.

7. Please do not send shitty email back saying “sorry to see you go” — I never wanted you in my life.

This is for yahoo groups

8. Please do no send another email to which I have to reply again saying “yes I wish to unsubscribe”.

Yahoo groups

9. Don’t show me a button “Subscribe” on unsubscribe page.

10. Don’t make me email to unsubscribe to your mail.

11. Please do not ask me to login to update my email preferences (What are email preferences BTW?)

Do share your pain points.