IMO, introversion (and extroversion) is more than just defining picky people.
Kamal Nayan

Hmmm. Interesting. Followup comments.

  • It’s a personality trait — 365 days if behaviour is personality
  • Introversion is a preference for environments — What is preference?
  • mere participation has exhausted him — Agreed.
  • looks forward to a deep conversation — Preference of conversation. Being picky?
  • free time the way he likes — Preference
  • If he notices subtleties that others tend to miss — I totally disagree. How can being quiet lead to observational skills. Being quiet can lead to understanding skills since an “introvert” is a better listener.
  • Instead, defining extroverts and introverts… — We shouldn’t define them at all, older debate :)
  • Broadway spotlight and lamplit desks —This means that you put them in buckets. First of all no need of bucketing. Even if we do then can I bucket them saying, Introvert is being picky and Extroverts is just accepting everyone, every situation as it is?
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