From my lips to your heart.

Kara darling,

You’re about to turn one. That means I’m officially 24 years older than you. You’d think that makes me very wise but you’ll be surprised to learn we might be having a Gloria and Manny kind of relationship, without the glam of course.

You’re a happy child, always been. You made me happy even before infancy which is why I named you Beatrix. Stay the same dear.

I can’t write a letter to my younger self since it serves no purpose. I write this to you instead.I hope these words are worthy to you in the end.

Honor God, fear Him. Make a point to create a relationship with him. I can only put the groundwork but as you will have your own personality, I hope you heed to my words. Include the Lord in all your plans.

Be unapologetically yourself. Do what you love. Put love in whatever you do. Be kind honey, even when you’d rather not. I will try as much as I can to provide for you, enough to allow you to indulge in your interests(drugs and such not included)

Invest in yourself. Love yourself enough to walk away from anything/anyone that does not deserve you or respect you.

Don’t try to fit in. If the cool kids aren’t cool to you, rebel. Be you. Cool kids are overated anyway. You’ll figure.

Sex is overrated. Don’t rush to it.

Build great friendships. Accept people as they are. Be there for your friends and support them as much as you can. We are where we are now because I was blessed with good friends.

Be courageous. Fight for yourself and for others if you can. Do not let anyone bully you into silence. Stand up firmly for yourself.

Knowledge is power. Don’t just read to pass exams. Take interest in whatever you learn. Aim high. Always aim high. So many women before you have fought for you to be able to be anything you want to be.

If I’m the only parent you have all your life, you have enough. This love is enough for you. Don’t ever feel like you’re missing out. Many people have both parents and they still get damaged. Only you can choose who you become.

When God blesses you abundantly, be a blessing to others. It is a great thing to be successful and very rich but if you cannot help a neighbour, I will have failed as a parent.

Base your relationships on friendship. A friend will always respect you and be there for you.

I promise, you will survive anything. You have the spine of your mothers.

Question everything.

Don’t seek happiness in others. You’ve got you and so do I.

Be open to the counsel of others. Learn from their mistakes.

You are beautiful darling. Damn, you are beautiful. Don’t ever let anyone make you feel any less. Don’t ever let anyone also make you feel that that’s all you are. You are not merely pretty.

Life is beautiful darling. Make the most of it.

I love you.

I also need you more than you need me. Thank you for you.


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