How to Build a Brand on Social Media

Social media has progressively proven to be a very powerful tool for individuals as well as business brands. It is the avenue being used to extend marketing campaigns in order to reach a wide range of consumers.

Simply, it has transformed from a platform for individuals to stay in touch with family and friends, to a place where consumers can learn more about their favorite companies and the products they sell.

As a result, it has created that environment where social networking is taking place and consumers are using to gather information and make buying decisions.

It is therefore important when venturing into business or building a personal brand, to develop an online brand presence. What's more, engaging and being where the conversation is taking place will build brand awareness and reputation. This provides an opportunity to connect and forge relationships between the brand and the consumers.

Consequently, the interactions generate exposure allowing the consumers to experience the business or brand. For that Reason, social media provides an effective platform to promote a product and showcase talent to potential consumers.

“A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is – it is what consumers tell each other it is.” Scott Cook

On the other hand, it’s essential to understand the meaning of a brand. According to the American Marketing Association, it defines brand as a name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one sellers good or service as distinct from those of other sellers.

By and large it is the concept or idea of the product or service being offered. However, a brand needs support, development and nurturing through branding. Thus, for a new brand, social media is the avenue to the online branding arena.

Here are ways that make a difference while setting up a brand on social media:

Design a logo 
Before developing a communication strategy ensure you have that distinguishing factor that will form part of the brand identity. Having a logo and choosing the right colors will help to communicate more in less words. Besides it’s the simplest thing that people can use to identify your brand.

Choose the right Social Media Platform
There are tons of platforms and everyday a new one is springing up, but not all are right for your brand. Your social media presence should be where your target audience is. All the same, focus your efforts in building your brand in the major social networks namely, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Become a voice and be Consistent 
People connect with brands that are transparent and authentic. Create a common posting Language that is unique, easy to recognize and in tune with your target audience. This will help maintain a brand image that influences its audiences to keep it on top of their minds.

Be Active and Relevant 
Being on social media is not enough, you need to post regularly. Effectively build your brand by letting your users see you in their news feeds. Also, have a posting schedule and keep your post relevant, meaningful and simple.

Constantly Engage 
Don’t just share about your products and services, build a relationship with consumers by showing care through conversations. Share original and third-party content, run contents and social events that relates to the brand messages. Make sure it’s a two way communication. That is to say, apart from posting your own content, like, share and reply to others posts.

Use Visual content 
Visuals are very powerful. You get 94% more views when using content with relevant images and conversations go 7x higher. That’s why 50% of all internet users will repost a photo or video they come across online. Incorporate different kind of visuals in your posts that is, static images, GIFs/Animation, video, infographics and charts/ graphics.

Use Influencers 
Build a relationship with an influencer that matches your profile by following them, interacting with their updates and sharing their content. Next get them to run your social channels for a day this will entice his/her fans to follow your brand and in turn earning you followers.

Pay for Social Media AD
Your followers only see less than 20% of the content you post. Hence utilizing a paid social media ad will enable you reach an audience beyond your followers. Also it’s more cost effective than traditional media advertising.

Social media is on the rise. It’s a ready-made platform that’s free and having a social media page for your brand can generate a wide audience for the business. Use it effectively, implement a social media strategy and take full advantage of what social networks have to offer.

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