To those who have problem with Feminism

Damn feminism!!

A few years ago, I heard a lot of people using this word with much contempt. Just ignored them. But now, I’m more disappointed to know the attitude of people who are educated and progressed in every ways in life, but still blindly hating the word feminism and its ideologies. How can someone shower disgrace to something that has been there since the dawn of human civilisation? Why do they hate feminists or are they scared?

Some of the misconceptions about feminism that I hear often:

Why don’t you call yourself a humanist, but feminist?

The most common question every so called feminists get asked is , “feminists only raise voice for gender equality and for not any other issues”. Isn’t it like saying, a doctor focuses only on his/her patients’ issues, and so he doesn’t care about anything else in this world. Like wise, someone focusing in the activities to uplift the equality of gender doesn’t make him/her an anti-humanist. Feminism is not different from humanism, it’s a subset of humanism. The only possible reason for someone to hate feminism would be just his lack of knowledge about the topic.

I wouldn’t call myself a feminist, I’m a man!

The definition of feminism itself explains this in the most simple way possible:

“If You Stand for Equality, Then You’re a Feminist”.

Feminist is someone(a human, at least for now :) ) who believes in gender equality in everything, and everywhere. Just take a look at these gentlemen if you think feminism is a female exclusive movement.

Feminists hate men

“So, will you marry if you are a feminist?”

This question is a true example of how feminism being misinterpreted and misrepresented. Some people seems to think that feminism is something which tries to bring men down from their positions of power. Even some girls are reluctant to say that they are feminists due to these type of misinterpretations.

Humans by nature have no issues of having an opinion of something they don’t understand, like a blind describing an elephant. That’s what happening here.

Quite a lot of people see feminism as a danger in society. You might have heard this dialog a lot,

“I’m giving her necessary freedom”


Is it something that should be measured and given? It’s mostly girls who have to bear this limitation. Is this not a humiliation merely because she is a girl? This is a clear indicator that you do not value the right of a woman whom you value.

Why do most of us see feminism as a danger? Recently I came across the words of a woman whom I respected a lot before, an entrepreneur and well known personality whom at least every girl loves to make a role model. I wonder what made her think and speak like that. She is proud to say that she is not a feminist.

‘I’m not a feminist. I don’t want to raise my voice for women empowerment. I value men more than women. Nowadays, girls should be trained to respect boys,’ she opined.

Seriously? Is respect something that can be achieved by training? If so, it could be very easy to prevent atrocities towards women also, by training boys to respect girls. But she doesn’t say about that. Why? And will she remain dumb with someone denying any of her rights for equality?

She must have really been offended by someone or a group of people who are actually a step backward due to the patriarchal culture or some movies misinterpreting feminism. This is a noticeable pattern in pre-2000s Malayalam cinema. Women who speak English, wear “modern” clothes, and talk back to men are often vilified and threatened with dire consequences. The only mode to redemption was if she switched to “traditional” clothes and apologised. These repeated value characters have really succeeded in destroying the meaning of feminism.

When someone says they are not interested in raising voice for women empowerment and girls should be trained to respect boys, they are responsible to elucidate whether girls not respecting boys are the reason for all those outrages towards women. Can anyone gain respect by demand or training?

The proud moment is that in spite of these awkward attitude of a majority in the society, I have met people who are brave enough to raise their voice and put effort for the ideologies that they believe in, knowing its value, ignoring the haters and teasers. Yes, we do admire them.