The 10 Toughest/Most Dangerous Treks in the World

Nimmy Niftq
May 12, 2018 · 3 min read

Adventure seekers, experienced hikers, climbers and anyone else that has ever poured over a picture of someone standing at the precarious ledge of a cliff, wonders how they got there. From the deathly trail that kills one hundred people a year to a frozen river deep in the Himalayas; these treks are not for the inexperienced. Requiring special equipment, bravery and a lot of preparation –these are the keys to making these treks a success. Dangers such as wildlife, falling rocks and roaring oceans, to worn-out wooden planks and no trail markers have determined the top ten toughest treks in the world. From South Africa to Spain to the United States to everywhere in between; discover these unbelievable adventures treks that are not only tough but ultimately rewarding.

1. Kokoda Track, Papua New Guinea

This last trek is rich in history and is a World War II site where Japanese and Australian fighters battled it out on the front lines. Besides the ghosts you might spot along the way, this is one tough trek that takes anywhere from four to ten days to complete. Hostile and remote are the two words most often used to describe this trail and if something goes wrong out here; it could be a very long time before someone finds you.

The trail leads you into the heart of the Owen Stanley Range of Mountains where deep dark gorges block out sunlight, lush green vegetation grows and narrow crests offer passage. Hot humid days coupled with frigid nights make this trek suitable for only the fittest of hikers. Health threats including malaria and other tropical diseases are very real here. Foreign insects, wildlife and poisonous plants also make up the landscape. Despite the numerous dangers, rushing streams with single log crossings and spectacular views of the valleys and rivers make this one unforgettable experience

2. Devil’s Path -New York State

Located just a short two to three hour drive outside of Manhattan lies one of the country’s most challenging hiking trails. Devil’s Path is located in the Catskills Mountains and runs only 25 miles but due to its extreme characteristics it can take you days to complete. Completing it will lead you to a total of six peaks and we suggest you prepare for a tough trek.

The trail is full of extreme rocky terrain, vertical slopes, extreme downhills and very slippery sections. Waterfalls are found throughout as well as a number of bears, so it’s highly suggested you carry pepper spray and hang your food above ground. Winding your way through rocky chutes, down steep gaps that require you to use your hands and feet and up sheer rock cliffs will challenge even the experienced trekker. Upon completion, the trails gifts you with spectacular views of the Catskill Range making it a most worthwhile challenge.


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