Part 1


We all have read the story of "button button" . What’s this story about? Why we have read this? When Norma says we can achieve all our goals and can fulfill all our desires to press the button, her husband denied to do that. Why? Because his husband don’t want that kind of money that earn by giving pain to anyone either he know him/her or not. 
Eidhi shb who knows in the world because of his humanity also teaches us we should never be the reason to hurt anyone but serve for humanity. What is humanity ? Humanity is if someone needs your help , you should help him. Humanity is the act of love and kindness.

Eidhi shb.’s mother is also the roll model for me as Eidi shb is. Because she gave him the lesson from his childhood by giving him 2 paisas and advice him to spend one paisa on you and one should be spend on any needy person. Moreover, she daily asked him either he had spend 1 paisa on needy or someone else who don’t deserve it?

His father also advise him. His father have a philosophical mind and he was not paying too much attention on religion based debate​s. His father used to say that "it is important to think without limitations. Confining ideas stunt potential."

In 1965, Abdul Sattar Edhi married Bilquis. His wife was a nurse who worked at the Edhi dispensary and worked with him for humanity.
Eiidhi shb was born in india in the late 1920’s , he moved to pakistan on 6th september in 1947. He has given 24-hour emergency medical assistance to the needy and home to homeless people and give shelter to many destitute women including other services. 
He suffered kidney failure in 2013 and died on 8 July 2016 at the age of 88. Pakistan’s Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif announced a state funeral for him after Edhi’s death. 
May his soul rest in peace

Part 2

#Just start Project

I am doing my thesis work for completing the degree of MS/M.Phill in Statistics now a days. I have learned different programing languages and also worked on different softwares during my course work like C++, R language, SPSS, Statistica etc. I wanted to learn how to work on Python because Python is a widely used high level programing language first released in 1991 by Guido van Rossum. I have never learned any new programming language by myself especially starting from zero.

I wanted to create 2D and 3D plots in python but my supervisor said you have not enough time to learn any new thing even you did not start typing of your thesis. But i really wanted to learn this language as well because I am inspired by Edhi . Edhi also faced the negative comments of his friends related achieving his goals but he never disappoint from Allah. He pursued on “start small” and his father saying “It is important to think without limitations. Confining ideas stunt potential.”

Firstly, I have to install latest version of Python in my laptop through internet for window 8. From google search i came to know how to install python from . After trying twice the installation of Python 3.6.1 successful.

As this language is new to me I have to familiar with the list of codes of Python. With the help of Youtube, codecademy and wikihow i am able to write basic program in Python.

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