plantation project experience!

I am learning foster flagship training from Faisalabad, training is full of useful adventures and outdoor projects.Today , I have got my first outdoor project experience,which is plantation project.It was a great experience.

Actually, I am not from Faisalabad ,I am from Chichawatni. I am living in a hostel in Faisalabad and getting higher education from university of agriculture. So, till then you have realized that I knew nothing about Faisalabad, and I recently joined foster flagship training.

Today I decided to complete my project, so just after my class about at 1:00 pm I quickly rushed towards the main gate of university,I knew nothing but just one thing that I have to do the project .I prayed to Allah please help me then I got a rickshaw and said to uncle take me to the nearest plant nursery.When I reached the nursery , again knew nothing what to do then,I gathered some courage and said that I need some plants for plantation.They cooperated very well, and helped in loading plants in rickshaw.

These are some plants which I have planted:

Then I asked the rickshaw uncle that is there is something where I can plant trees,like a garden etc. then he suggested the Jinnah park. Then I said please take me to that park,he did this. I will give you a suggestion that when you are going for outdoor project then make up your mind that outdoor world is full of difficulties. Going forward ,when I was about to enter Jinnah park then the uncle on the gate said that “place these plants outside,after visiting park take these plants with you at home”.then I realized that I should tell the uncle that I want to plant these trees, when I told about it , he cooperates with me. And helped me to took these plants in the park. Then he asked me to wait for the Incharge when he come, you should take a permission.So,I waited about half an hour then the Mr.saeed came.

I make a humble request to the incharge of Jinnah park to allow me for plantation.Then he asked to their head about it and kindly allow me to do the plantation and also gave me a helper and some devices to do plantation.Here is my picture with Mr.saeed.

When I am doing plantation then suddenly two girls came.Their names was Ammara and Shamsa ,both were very friendly.They asked me about my project and also helped me, and took my pictures with the plants.this is my picture with them.

then I took some pictures with plants and while planting these plants with the help of these two ladies.

something more which I have to tell is that when I was going back to hostel just after all the plantation I did. Rickshaw bhai has said”fuel is finished ,please take another rickshaw”.then I left that rickshaw and started to walk on the road after 10 to 15 minutes another rickshaw came to me.And then I took that rickshaw and finally reached the hostel.

In short, it was a great adventure to me.what I learn from all these situations is that to never lose hope ,to face obstacles to your grooming “do your best, and leave it to Allah”,you will surely gain success.

Question: if you did not push yourself towards challenges, how would you know about your abilities?