Week 1

My first project as part of my education was creation of software application on the given topic.

My topic was “News” and I started with a topic map….. Or better to say Topic Cloud. I put together all my associations with the word “News” and tried to group them.

Using this map I composed a group of questions:

  • Do you like to get the news?
  • How do you get the news?
  • When do you prefer to get the news?
  • How frequently you get your news?
  • Is it important for to keep abreast of the world news?
  • Why?
  • What topic is more interesting for you?
  • What topic annoys you the most?

I interviewed five people to identify pain points related to news and information flows in the world. It was hard because these people had no common pain points. The only shared pain point was that responders all hate celebrity viral news and click-bites. But they always can just skip it. In that case it’s not a pain point.

But also I found out that most people following the world (global) news because their friends, relatives and loved ones are everywhere (worldwide).

And I added another group of questions.

  • Where are you from?
  • Where is your family from?
  • Do they live in America?
  • Do you still keep in touch with them?
  • Do you follow the news from your native country?

The most responders (or their parents) moved to America from other countries. And they also still have a friends or relatives in other countries and continents.

And I had a statement.

As a human who has friends and relatives worldwide I want to get the news from countries where they live.

Maybe it's not a big pain point.

But I decided help them do that more faster and easier. It was my resolution.

And I had an Idea.


It aggregates the global news and filters it according to your request.

I created User Flow. The task was “To get the news” .

Then I builded a prototype. Just a simple aggregator app.

This is how it looks when we use it at first time. We put our name and password.

Then we choose certain country. I used the analogy of World Clock app in iPhone, when you just add the country from alphabet order.

Then we can select the category that you need. I just stopped my selection in three categories: Political news, Economic news (for people who has financial assets or properties in other countries) and Cultural news (for people who interesting in cultural events of particular country).

After creation of prototype I demonstrated it to my friend for testing.

During the test revealed that the feed stream is uncomfortable.

Before the Test.

  • Interface looks like just one stream with all news.
  • Looks like a mess.
  • Not useful.

After test:

I recreate new home page, that looks like list with active previews for the news , which can be conveniently expand to the full-article by clicking.

New prototype looked better, but I’m sure that this project needs more and more tests and reworks. In this case I will not let it go and will return to this project many-many times.

To be continued…