Should UX writers code?
John Saito

Thanks for writing this post! It makes me feel less lonely as a writer who doesn’t code and freak out (inside) sometimes when things don’t work because some text needs a forward slash and not a backward one. *insert tearing out hair emoji*

Over in my company, UX writers aren’t expected to know coding but we do use dynamic values in our writing and have control in creating/editing content strings.

For most of last year, even though we could edit strings on our own, we had to rely on engineers to release content. And yeah, due to that, we couldn’t update content as fast as we wanted it to and that didn’t help with meeting project deadlines etc. Thankfully, the company started using Lokalise last Nov/Dec and since then, us writers can create and update content whenever and however much we want now.

Yes, one of the greatest benefits of this is that we can do cleanups and revamps without disturbing the engineers now (though for some stuff we still need them). It’s still a work in progress but it sure feels good to share the ownership.

I did consider learning coding at one point before I got into UX writing. And now that I’m in this line, perhaps I should start looking into it. :)