You’ve made a commitment to becoming an anti-racist organization. What next?

The partner you choose to do this work with will play a crucial role in your experience and outcomes.

We are observing with concern a new crop of “diversity consultants” popping up like dandelions in springtime as corporate interest in equity work grows. As people deep in this work, we are both excited to see courageous new talent willing to help meet the high demand, but also skeptical about the number of management consultants we see hastily slapping together an offering that greatly underestimates the expertise and sensitivity needed…

It’s a big investment to pull teams out of their day-to-day work for “team building” and often teams don’t see the return on that investment. Usually, it’s because the outdoor ropes course can’t resolve the communication challenges or because the long, relentless days of a team offsite in a windowless hotel ballroom result in the same thinking, the same frustrations, the same way of working. The flaw in how we usually approach working with teams is we approach it as an either or. Either, we are going to buckle down and work. …

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I am an avid reader of Ellen McCourt’s Fortune column raceAhead where she covers culture and diversity in corporate America. I almost hit the floor today when I read her latest post as it felt like a small reflection (and confirmation) of the big professional shifts I’m working on. McCourt is in the process of learning more about her readers to better tailor her work to their needs and she is using some of XPLANE’s design tools to do it.

When I started working as a consultant at XPLANE three years ago I was thrilled to have the opportunity to…

What You Failed To Put In When You Took Out The Boss

The Complexity We Solve For

From global enterprise systems to startups, companies are working in the most complex and rapidly shifting environment ever. With the unprecedented level of global connectivity and technological innovation, what will happen tomorrow is anyone’s guess. Organizations that can’t be responsive to their customers and the market will be left in the dust. You’ve probably heard the staggering statistic that the average life expectancy of a company in the S&P 500 is now hovering around 15 years. This is serious.

I work with a band of designers and wicked smart thinkers to help large, complex organizations activate strategies and improve organizational performance through visual thinking and co-creation. And yes, when I use that line to describe my work at cocktail parties eyes glaze over.

Recently I’ve been out and about leading workshops on designing interventions to inspire organizational transformation. Inevitably, near the end of almost every workshop, someone raises their hand and says, “This is all really awesome. And, [but] what if you don’t have the authority to launch a major change initiative in your organization? There are things in…

It is 3:30pm and we are seven hours into the first day of a two day leadership team offsite and the afternoon coffee break has already come and gone. Half of the group of 25 executive leaders are staring at the ceiling while the other half are engaged in a lively debate when I energetically pronounce, “We are all going to stand up and yatta, yatta, yatta.” Crickets. No one moves. It is as if I have just told them to remove their pants and do an interpretive dance.

Now what?

I believe that if a group suddenly refuses to…

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