Follow the Money: Right-Wing Media Edition

K. Louise Neufeld
Nov 4, 2017 · 3 min read

This is a brief outline of connections I have just made in ownership of right-wing media. I’ll flesh it out later.

Thanks to the help of many, many patient fellow Tweeters, I’ve discovered something that could be quite explosive.

Here are the basics:

I decided to look into the ownership of three far-right media companies: Fox News, Salem Media Group, and

Fox News: Rupert Murdoch split his conglomerate into two parts in 2013: News Corp [NWS] which owns newspapers (including WSJ and NY Post), and 21st Century Fox [FOXA], which owns Fox News and other movie/TV brands.

Here are the top holders of NWS:

The top holder for NWS is a firm called SOF Ltd, which holds ~$138 Million dollars worth of News Corp.

SOF Ltd has to file with the SEC. Their 13-F filing shows they ONLY FILED AS HOLDERS OF ONE STOCK.

The name of the person who signed the 13-F is Andrew Linford.

If this is the same Andrew Linford, then there are some REALLY interesting things on his resume:

Let’s zoom in on the most important part:

Why is that so important?

Well, because the Russian Mafia washed ~$10 BILLION dollars through the Bank of New York when Mr. Linford was working there.

And then because his next employer, GLG, had some big RED FLAG issues:

And then becuase his employer after that had some issues too:

Is this the correct SOF Ltd?

Who is the real owner of SOF Ltd?

If it’s the SOF Ltd. that KFT Partners owns 75% of, then it looks like the owner is this guy:

Who owns your media?

I’m still digging. I’ll add more SOF info if I find anything, and will add Salem Media and info later when I have time.

K. Louise Neufeld

Written by

ex-finance lady. research nerd. citizen journalist. @ninaandtito

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