Turning Lemons into L’s:

A cautionary tale on never messing with a creative agency.

Photo by Sticker Mule for Unsplash.com

Part three of Social Justice Senshi’s performance art piece titled Meme Wars. These stories will be on display as part of an interactive art installation titled Receipts during First Friday in May.

After roasting the posse of fake bikers, white mediocrity and meninists with Kill Bill jokes on my personal page I publicly agreed with friend and musician James Balster to take his upcoming April 14th music show, re-named Down with Art Mart and use some screen caps as the background for fliers. When other bands got wind of this idea, we opened the show up to allow people that have previously worked with AM to come back and play a benefit concert for building our space. We gladly accepted the offer to raise funds and turn lemons into lemonade quickly and laughed about taking over the hash tag “Down With Art Mart” with quality content.

Soon, a notification came in: A new screen cap was up on the Down with Art Mart page. The photo, a screen shot of a Pay-pal receipt for purchasing a dozen shirts from a ‘enter you text’ website. The shirts read: DOWN WITH ART MART. Hats coming soon. An annoying intern of this disgruntled white artist behind the people behind the page stated she wanted Fart Mart hats instead was the only comment to support this move. Not super quality content to be fair…

I knew the shirts would take at least five days to arrive if this was a good company (but most online shirt companies aren’t.)

I also knew I did not need that much time to make a comeback: I used to work for Stafford Media LLC and can always count with having a fast turn around on shirts at any time.

Our I AM Down with Art Mart shirts were here at noon on First Friday ready for action. The plan was simple: to wear our spiffy new shirts as we visited a friend’s solo opening reception and doing a impromptu photo shoot as we went through Downtown looking cute. We would later edit and post them on the hate page with witty captions and as a look book album on Art Mart’s Facebook page. While out, we realized that not only do we feel like a squad but we looked like one, and when the night presented an opportunity to act like one, we did that, going as far as to spend a good amount of our night keeping a drunken guy from messing with women down the street. Non-violently.

I had not at this point made contact with the page and thought this would be a good entrance:

Last Saturday morning the person whom said owned the page went to our partner Michelle’s job to personally apologize for his actions and to tell us the page was scheduled to be deleted in fourteen days.

He said he knew when to take the ‘L’ and recognized how creative and obviously non threatening we are, even asking if he could also meet with me and my life partner Justin to personally say sorry to us as well. I asked Michelle to set up a coffee meeting for the following Sunday morning. I did not care for an apology to be honest, I just thought that this person was very misinformed about me and simply getting to know me and passing better judgment would be enough.

I woke up early the next morning, ready to resolve some differences if given the chance. And in the chance that I were stood up like I was in sixth grade by a cute boy whom I should’ve known didn’t really want to go drink punch and awkwardly dance with me… Well, I was ready for going for petty: it was time for me to descend upon this page created to shed light on hypocrisy in our community, share receipts and talk about me as if I cannot come and speak for myself.

Leftbook prepared me for shutting dumpster fire pages down. My memes and will strong and part four will find you rolling because you know I got stood up! We took the pretty route, now it is time to take the petty route!

Hope you are ready for “when keeping it real goes wrong: Meme Wars.”

I know you’re looking for a recipe, but come on, lemonade is a universal recipe: We all know it and make it our own way. Embrace that!

If you want to give your lemonade a health and tasty kick tho here are a couple of pro tips: Take a couple of tablespoons of hot water, a teaspoon of ginger and turmeric powder and mix it up with a cup of organic raw honey into the lemonade and/or adding a few fresh springs of mint into the jar before serving.