Nina Babel
Aug 9 · 2 min read

Airbnb Experiences Washington, DC

Never heard of Airbnb Experiences? Visit here. It’s a way to discover local things to do when traveling for business or leisure. Each Airbnb host tailors activities designed beyond your typical tours or classes by immersing guests in a host’s unique world.

My newest obsession is scootering this Summer. Everyone, including myself, watched these motorized vehicles with curiosty from afar not realizing how easy it really is to get started — right handle for gas, left handle for braking, balance, and hand-eye coordination . Now there is no stopping.

I have a photo walk tour of people visiting the nation’s capital that covers two hours of walking and taking iconic monumental shots or Instagrammable cityscapes with my Airbnb guests. For those visitors who either don’t like the Summer heat or walking on a hot day, scootering offers a proven way to save energy and cover a lot a ground exploring the city.

It’s been a learning curve for everyone: drivers, sharing bike lane space, and even pedestrian etiquette. More recently, there are enforced rules on where to leave the scooter in DC, so it’s not looking like a visual disaster on the famed National Mall.

I don’t discriminate on scooter brands (Bird, Lime, Spin, or Uber). Whatever is available and nearby with descent battery power is how I choose. I realized introducing both locals and new Airbnb guests to this new phenomenon and it has added another dimension to my unique service offering.

Visiting DC in 2019? I got you covered. Book your DC photography experience here.

About the author: I am an award-winning and published portrait, editorial, and fashion photographer based in Washington, DC and whose work has been featured in Picton Magazine, Feroce, and Surreal Beauty Magazine. Follow Nina @nibaphotos on Instagram

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