She lost. It’s over about her.

If you feel it will never be about Hillary Clinton again, you have a very short memory of the awful things that the Republicans have said that they want to do — like send her to prison. That is very much about Hillary, and they are not done with her because they either are frightened of her, or they want to be her. So, her torture continues by a vast right wing conspiracy… which has been flamingly hatefully active for decades there is no reason for it to stop now… because the Clintons are not about to stop, either. Their foundation is a global powerhouse of good and HRC has worked her entire life for the benefit of women and children. She needs and deserves a breather now, but, with all the energy, brains, contacts and experience she has… it IS going to be about her again. She doesn’t need to be president to make a huge impact. In fact, not being president means that she’s not going to be held back by partisanship. She is FREE to raise millions of dollars for Planned Parenthood, or for education, or single mothers, or girls who need a mentor. This lady is fierce and long after Trump is dumped Hillary Clinton will still be out there, and relevant. She has proven to be unstoppable, so there’s no reason for her to stop now. And, by the way, TRUMP IS A BAD GUY and his family is in lockstep with him. This will be the most corrupt presidency ever. Let’s pray that it’s really short.

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