An Open Letter To My CEO
talia jane

You had health plan? You were lucky, girl. Not everyone starts to work already in their dream position, you have to climb stairs. This happens in many jobs. If your rent occupied 80% of your salary, wasn’t it better to rent something cheaper, closer to work? Or get a roommate? Complain publicly on the internet about it, making an open letter to your CEO is not the right / smart way to get a better wage, or to show them you deserve more. Your attitude was unethical and I’m not surprised about the results of it. You could have scheduled a conversation with the person responsible for your payment or looking for a better job (or a second one). I’m sorry that you are unemployed, but honey, you accept the job, you accept the offered wage and they are not responsible for your debts. I live in a country where I see real homeless people daily, starving. You just decided to live a lifestyle you couldn’t afford it. If I can give you some advice is to go find a new job, so you can eat and to pay your debts, be humble and learn to manage your finances.

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