365 days, gratitude, & a new year.

It's okay if you didn't take big leaps this past year. Most changes are subtle, quite, & involve taking baby steps. If you didn't have anything "big" (e.g. graduating a school/getting accepted into one, getting engaged/married, having a babe, taking a trip around the world) that you accomplished this year, that's okay. Take a look into those little daily routine changes you made. Did you decide to commit to making your bed daily? Super! Did you decide to include veggies into your diet? Awesome! Baby steps make giant leaps.

For this new year, I want to give you some easy, small, but yet powerful changes you can make that will grow you in a new way. These are my desires & prayers, and I hope you find some good in reading them.

1) Love, love, love your family. We aren't promised tomorrow, so love your family today. Even if they are hard to love, do it. 
2) Invest in real and true friends and love them well. 
3) SHOW & LIVE out kindness and givingness; serve. 
4) Make your bed every day, you will then feel like you can conquer the world (try it!). Never go to sleep at night with dirty dishes, I promise you'll wake up in a better mood if things are cleaned up. 
5) Get INVOLVED in a local church and a small group, and invest. It's sometimes scary to invest into people and things, but the results are life lasting and kingdom building. 
6) Serve your city for Christ. 
7) Be adventurous with the life you've been given. You don't have to fly to another continent to have an adventure. Enjoy the place which you live.
8) Become okay with saying "no" to some things. Trying to multitask and do 99 things, and trying to please everyone, can really take you steps backwards. Focus on a couple important things, and work hard to achieve them. 
9) Get out and move! Fitness is a wonderful thing. Even if you take 3 walks a week, that's good change! Just move and don't beat yourself up that you don't have a six pack; just do your best. 
10) Last but not least...fall more in love with the person of Jesus. Ask the Lord to reveal more of Himself to you. OPEN up His word and let His spirit speak to you. I recommend anyone and everyone studying "Behold Your God". The most important thing about you is your view of God. Only what's done for Jesus will last.

I love clean slates, new chapters, and a fresh breath of energy. I hope and pray this new year, 2018, brings growth, kindness, adventure, love, forgiveness, healing, restoration, and contentment. All glory be to Christ our King...in whatever you make walk through.

His Alone, with love,

Abby Kay

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