I had a lot of trouble with Sendgrid’s documentation so wanted to put together this quick tutorial for setting up a modal newsletter signup form.

I’m using Sendgrid, Python Django, and Tailwind CSS (will write a review of Tailwind CSS at a later time. Short story is…I don’t love it and if I could start over, I’d go back to something with better support like plain old Bootstrap but the ability to quickly finagle with your CSS directly in HTML classes and make pretty good-looking UI is helpful).

When you’re done, you’ll get something like this:

Image for post
Image for post
Finished modal newsletter signup.

A modal, simple newsletter signup form that appears when a user lands on your page for the first time and does not pop-up for subsequent visits to the page. When a user submits their email, they will be added to your Sendgrid contacts list for future newsletters. …


Nina J

Ex VC @ Kleiner Perkins, Former Apple/Microsoft intern

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