I had a lot of trouble with Sendgrid’s documentation so wanted to put together this quick tutorial for setting up a modal newsletter signup form.

I’m using Sendgrid, Python Django, and Tailwind CSS (will write a review of Tailwind CSS at a later time. Short story is…I don’t love it and if I could start over, I’d go back to something with better support like plain old Bootstrap but the ability to quickly finagle with your CSS directly in HTML classes and make pretty good-looking UI is helpful).

When you’re done, you’ll get something like this:

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Finished modal newsletter signup.

A modal, simple newsletter signup form that appears when a user lands on your page for the first time and does not pop-up for subsequent visits to the page. When a user submits their email, they will be added to your Sendgrid contacts list for future newsletters. …

I made my first website when I was in middle school because I was blessed with an incredible public education system in Maryland and to be part of an awesome magnet program at Takoma Park Middle School. Our school had a computer science lab (uncommon at the time) with desktops and bubbly iMac G3s and many great computer science teachers including one I accidentally called “Mom” in exasperation once (more on that another time).

One year, we learned Microsoft tools from a VERY big book, entirely self-guided. I remember it being extremely boring but, looking back, it taught me extremely useful Excel skills that could constitute basic computer literacy today at any entry-level job. My all-time favorite unit though was the one where we learned basic HTML and CSS to make our own websites that we hosted on our school’s server (with our own subdomains). …

By Nina J on The Capital

I’ve been meaning to write this article since 2018 but never got around to it. In that time, inflation has made common things you buy 4.2% more expensive which sucks but better late than never I guess.

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Annual inflation rate (2010 to today) from US Inflation Calculator

I see all of these personal finance articles where bloggers try to push you on fancy credit cards for points. That’s all great but no one ever talks about basic strategies to beat inflation. Inflation is why your parents talk about being able to buy candy at the store for a nickel and you’d like “WTF — can’t buy anything with a nickel anymore. …


Nina J

Ex VC @ Kleiner Perkins, Former Apple/Microsoft intern

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