Let’s Get Interaction Designing!

SQUIRREL! App Prototype

My project this week was to design a low-fidelity mobile app prototype. The purpose for the app was to allow normal people to contribute to scientific research. Specifically, I was to design an app that could collect data for animal census in an urban environment. Using group brainstorming techniques, I chose to make an app for college students where they could enter their sightings of different wildlife on campus for points so they could level up. Though it was like a game, students would also be contributing to the data collection of wildlife on campus.

Group brainstorm of the possible kinds of specific users of the app.
Colleague using note cards to represent the screens on his app.

After I conceptualized my app, I designed the interaction flow and the individual screens, then used the prototyping app, POP, to complete my low-fidelity prototype SQUIRREL!.

Below is a demo video for my app prototype:

Issues & Questions:

Initially, I had a hard time deciding on an idea because:

1) There were so many to choose from!

2) I had some uncertainty on what certain terms encompassed (e.g. census and geotagged photos).

In addition, this assignment made me wonder how scientists and researchers can ensure that the data collected from regular citizens is legitimate and not falsified or inaccurate.

In Closing…

I thoroughly enjoyed ideating my app because it was one that I could see myself using. I always found joy from seeing wildlife on campus. This part of the interaction design process was also much more fun for me than working out the technical side of designing (i.e. the logistics of how to make the app work smoothly).

Note: Photos provided by Course Assistants of Studio AC