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I was standing in my apartment when, feeling frustrated at everything, I threw my phone down. I picked it back up and saw the screen was cracked in half, where it briefly flicked on and off before it finally going black. In that moment all my anger, which had been building up for days, seeped out of me. I felt my body relax. I was free.

I had been feeling this undercurrent of anger all week and a lot of it was directed at my phone. I realized how aggressive I had been with this poor, abused Samsung. I was…

Photo by elizabeth lies on Unsplash

I was training a long-term client — let’s call her Susan — and asked about her week. “Well, I didn’t make it into the gym at all,” she said, looking guilty. “I was lazy.”

Lazy. Adjective: “An unwillingness to work, showing a lack of care or effort.” I hear this word a lot in the fitness industry but this time, felt curious. I decided to re-examine this word. After some studying, I now have a huge beef with it. In fact, after reading this, I hope you’ll join me in a petition to remove “lazy” from our vocabulary entirely: Dear…

Nina Lauren

A theatre kid who became a jock. So, a thock.

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