Start again

I used to write. I’m trying to do it again now. It’s a skill that I long forget.

What do I have to write about? I tried to remember what used to write. I read some of my previous blog entries. They were so honest. But it was more than 13 years ago when I first started it. I was still naive. I left my parent’s house for college. Life was still a fun roller coaster ride for me.

My old blog, a glimpse of my life. I had fun, fell in love, graduate from college, was heartbroken, found a job, found new love and life got to a new chapter. It ended.

Between then and now, many things happened. Suddenly life got into a sucky routine of office life. I remembered i got sick of it but I was scared of quitting. I tried to distract myself with a new part time job. Didn’t take too long before got bored with it. Took up another diploma which was for vain. I eventually quit my full time and got married.

The desire to write again has been occupying my mind for about a year now. I just have to start. I am sure this will be a totally different blog than my old ones. I would want to see where all this is going to be.

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