A case in a store

It’s no secret that regular being alone for a mom with little kids is essentially important for remaining her sound mind. And I am not an exception. Even if it’s a couple of minutes a day.

I usually go shopping to have my time all alone… It relaxes me, and no matter what I go for — grocery or new shoes, I appreciate this time when I am able to meditate and think over my own stuff without being continuously interrupted.

So, on Sunday I left my kids with my husband and went to buy a new e-kettle (fascinating, isn’t it?). I was wearing a just-washed sweater, a jacket, leggins and my favourite Adidas sneackers. From the moment I stepped into the e-store and put off my jacket, everyone started literally staring at me, especially men. They even turned around as if they wanted to look closer at me. First thing to think was — oh, can it be that I look so stunning today that the men just can’t put their eyes off me? (to be honest, I can’t even remember when was the last time when I had thoughts like that before)…

As such, I felt like a queen walking through the store. I bought a kettle, and left for a lingerie store as I needed a new bra. There was a mirror, of course, and when I looked in it, I thought: f@*k! Well, I kinda found the answer for such attention to my look.

The thing was: upon leaving the house I gave my girls some yogurt (keeping in mind that my older girl likes it sweet, and the younger — unsweet), and then I hugged them for goodbye. Considering the fact that my 1-year old girl likes a minimum 2-minute hug, and that she may spit if she doesn’t want to swallow something, I may assume that I gave her the wrong yogurt, cause my sweater was like spitted all over with white sticky substance…

Nice, isn’t it? And I was hoping I still have that woman’s power not allowing men put their eyes off me!

Good thing I have a sence of humor)))))

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