when i say i’m recovering from an eating disorder, people usually say…

“but you’re so ___, what do you have to be insecure about?” or “you don’t even have any weight to lose. you’d disappear!” or laugh inappropriately and joke, “no wonder you’re so thin.”

and truthfully, i’m not surprised at these reactions. the kind of eating disorder i lived with for that past eight years is the kind that’s romanticized in the media — waify, pale, mysterious girl with deep dark secrets. so, when i tell people i used to struggle with anorexia, there isn’t really any sense of danger. no one realizes that most eating disorder sufferers aren’t walking skeletons. no one realizes that eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of any mental illness. no one understands that when you classify eating disorder as “vanity,” you ignore the fact that people who suffer from these disorders often can’t even look at themselves in a mirror.

but there are people out there who do understand. the limited few.

you’ve saved me.