Filosofant entre núvols II

Barcelona — Amsterdam

Sometimes live take you to strange places. Sometimes it brings people to you. I sometimes wonder if it’s actually me who causes all that happens in my life (a chain of actions and consequences, you do a little thing and then it grows into something bigger) or if it was just randomness or if it actually everything was meant to be as it is. I think I will never exactly know. Many things can happen, there are so many possibilities… and bynow I cannot decide what to believe. How is that possible?

I decide to go on a trip to the States, and since I had hosted S. at my home the year before I decided to spend some days in Canada, visit Vancouver apart from Edmonton. And in Vancouver I decide to take a walking tour because I was tired of wandering around all alone. And there I met a Dutch girl, E. We walked around Vancouver for some more days (maybe two?) and we had a great time. We kept in touch. At a certain point, we talk again. We have no plans for Christmas break, so we decide to travel. Taking advantage of the existance of two different homes in two very interesting cities (Barcelona — Amsterdam) we book flights.

E. comes to celebrate Christmas with my family (from the 23rd until the 27th) and she experiences the Catalan and Andalusian Christmas traditions, together with a walk around Barcelona, exclusive coffee, cocktail with concert in Rda Universitat, a museum visit for free, a bike ride along the seaside in the evening… and also a bath in the Arabic Baths at midnight that we booked last minute. It has been fabulous. I have had the chance to relax, to stop for a while, to do things that fulfill you, that your mind and body need ad that you normally don’t do because you are just too busy working, eating, studying, sleeping. And working, eating, studying, sleeping… “metro-boulot-dodo”. We work a lot, a lot of hours of our lives are devoted to our professions in this society. It is very important (according to our education) that we do what we like for a living (because you spend a lot of hours of your life in your work) and the more stimulating it is, the better. In a certain way it seems taht, since we have no time to do other stimulating activities, we should be able to have this stimulus and enrichment from work. If we fail to do so, we wil be unhappy for life.

But I sometimes think… Does this really matter? Is there a perfect stimulating job for you? Shall I envision the perfect job for myself and work towards it? I think I have just been taking what in a certain way has came accross. But it’s also me who has taken certain decisions that have lead me into what I’m currently doing (including the fact taht I’m writing in English without hardly noticing that I had chosen that language to start writing in, it just came out naturally) and that it is better to make the most of these experiences, being flexible and open to change, even yet without loosing the “romantic aim” of a profession or style of life or things I want for myself in the future (which I still have to come up with, since my aim from about eight years ago is already being accomplished!). Did the 16-years-old knew what she was doing by envisioning herself as a teacher? Was I the same? I think I wasn’t conscious. But it just came up like this. The same might happen now for the next years… I am an unconscious mind taking big decisions.

And this Amsterdam trip is just a little example of a totally random decision that brought a great connection.

Travelling is enrighing, random and also, sometimes, it is just pointles and brings over relaxation while other times can make our lives change. but I believe that even if it just pointless, we do have an aim. I think we might travel in search of the beauty of the world: beautiful people, beautiful places, beautiful and tasty food… that moment when you are admiring something, when you feel connected and moved bywhatever it is, that you feel “complete”… might be just a moment of adding some more beauty to your innerself.

December 27th 2014. Up, over the clouds, flying towards Amsterdam.

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