Namloos II


Students and youth have a lot of advantages in Amsterdam (and I suppose that in the rest of the country too). One of them is having the chance to purchase tickets for concerts, ballets and theater plays last minutes for a very reduced price.

Thanks to this, many of them will develop the taste for the music and cultural events and might become, as adults, consumers of this stimulating activities during their free time. Compared to Spain, that is a much more clever system.

On the first hand, if you take Barcelona cultural offer and Amsterdam’s, it might be about the same. But I am sure that Barcelona theatres are much more empty than Amsterdam’s. So… why don’t they offer the vacant seats at reduced prices to students and youngsters so when they grow up they appreciate this kind of events? As a student and under thirty years old I really appreciate the opportunity of being in a foreign country and still being able to go to a piano under the same conditions as other young people in the country.

I find this system a very clever way to make the most, economically speaking, of the cultural events around the town (instead of leaving empty seats, selling out absolutely all the locations) as well as in means of creating new music, dance and theater passionate and allowing the new generations, who possibly cannot afford the expensive prices, to enjoy art and culture in their free time.