It seems this has to still be said.

Stop 👏🏾 convening 👏🏾 deliberations about Africa 👏🏾 without 👏🏾 Africans!

This is a notorious behaviour in western capitals that HAS GOT TO END.

Why, in 2019, would anyone organise a whole event about a whole continent, a whole people (diverse as we are), and nary an African be speaking or invited to attend?

And it’s exclusion by design. Let’s count the ways:

🚮organised abroad (visas become an issue)

🚮many organised this time of year (December is loading, it’s our “summer”).

But at this point, a la hashtag#SayNoToManels, we must have a…


(Tech x Public Policy)^ (Culture, Governance, Media, Gender). Thinking out loud, here and elsewhere.

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