How the 21 Year Old Nina Perera changed the Theory of Brand Endorsements?

Social media had become one of the biggest influencers in today’s time. Not only do people form their opinions about different aspects of life based on social, media, they even make purchase decisions based on trends seen on social media.

Nina Perera, a 21 year old student of business and event management has harnessed the power of the social media and the social media influencers to create a revolutionary new concept for brand endorsements. This young entrepreneur gave up her job as a waitress in a café to set up a modelling and social media talent agency which has in just 10 months given her over $250,000 in profits.

Nina’s Neon Model Management gives a platform to the most happening social media influencers to use their skills in brand endorsements. Her agency now has over 120 models and 200 Instagram as well as Snap Chat influencers who are working with her on different projects.

Nina has had to work real hard to make it to the top and along with work she is also juggling a dual degree in business and event management. She has toiled really hard and worked for 12–14 hours at a stretch every day to bring her modelling and social media talent agency to the top.

The Modus Operandi:

· Nina first starts with identifying models with a very strong media presence and influence. Having at least 5000 followers on social media is the bench mark that Ms. Perera looks for before signing any model.

· She then connects these people with various brands who pay them to advertise their products by posting selfies that highlight their products and thus endorse them.

· Most of the ‘beach babe’ Instagrammers and top social influencers with over 1.4 million follows are already earning upto $3000 for every post.

Young talents from Australia and Europe are also working with Nina as she has created such a working methodology that distance and time zones never act as roadblocks. Models from Italy and Australia are already inboard promoting American products.

Nina earns handsome commissions from her models who are being paid fat bucks by different brands for promoting their products on Snap Chat as well as Instagram. Her models are also very excited about the work they do and the pay they get and are always willing to take up new projects and assignments.

Nina has given the advertising industry fresh new faces to talk about their brand and all the marketing effort is completely organic due to which brands get to reap the benefits of personalized promotion of their products.

Nina’s concept has changed the face of the advertising industry and the biggest of brands are already making a beeline to get her services.