So I Just Joined Medium …

So I just joined Medium. And seeing it now, three years after I first discovered it back when I lived a college dorm with a roommate who functioned as the worlds most disruptive alarm clock, I’m liking the changes — digging it.

My only critique so far is that new accounts have to be made with Facebook and Twitter. As a Google-die-hard I was frusterated for a millisecond, but I get it. If you’re trying to grow, spread the word even it means joining up with the Fuckers at Facebook!

So who am I and what do I do? I’m a college kid who’s trying to find a plan. A creative who’s trying to pick a medium. I day dream a lot and think “too much.” I like good movies, I love good apps. I want to be in User Experience (maybe, I don’t make promises past 2pm on Tuesdays). I write music, I’m in a band called The Halfs. My solo project is named Miss. I wouldn’t know how to describe these projects but lately when I try I end up saying “indie R&B, music for english nerds, and creative nonfiction”.

I believe life is too short to drink bad coffee, and that coffee is too good to drink it any other way than black.

Who know’s what these posts will be. Let it grow and we shall see.

\\ nina

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