Girls, it’s time to talk about IT

Computers can be more gentle than you expect. They won’t argue with you and they will always do exactly what you ask them to do, isn’t it a dream?

There is still a huge gender gap in the tech industry nowadays. According to the 2015 U.S statistics, about 18% of computer science grads were women, 7% of the start up founders were women and only 15% females were working in technical roles in the major tech companies.

It is hard to understand why the numbers of tech girls are still so low.

In my opinion, programing has more to do with girls than with boys for many reasons and one of them is because the computer will always show on the screen whether the code worked or not. No need to spend time wondering what will happen next. Women in general are anxious and having a fast feedback is very rewarding.

My experience with computer science is so good that I want to help to inspire others.

For many personal reasons I enrolled in a full time web development program last year and I have to admit I was scared at the very beginning, but the anxiety lasted only until my first class. I was totally amazed by the course.

My first coding instructor was a girl by the way.

And what she taught me was that all it requires is the ability to learn a new language, and in this case, the computer language. As soon as you get the syntaxes all you need is to learn the vocabulary and most of it looks very obvious.

Code example: “background-color: blue;” = changes the background color to blue.

When it comes to coding you can even create the message you want to show on the screen every time things go wrong. I used to tell myself something like this “you are still learning, take it easy and try it again”.

…and what if you don’t get the code right? Usually all the answer is just a google search away.

More people than you can possibly imagine had already asked that same question, especially if you are a beginner. It bothers me to know that we might be losing brilliant minds out there only because girls were never properly introduced to computer science.

If you are a girl and you have an inspiring story to share about how you started, please share it and let the change begin.