Scale-up Leadership Lessons I’ve Learned Over 9 Years as HubSpot’s CEO
Brian Halligan

As an individual contributor, I got 2 big takeaways from reading this:

  • First, my role as an individual contributor can greatly benefit the team by (seriously) getting behind the decisions my manager makes (this isn’t really all that obvious) but also taking a serious look at decisions early on instead of waiting till they’re fully developed simply because I blindly believed in my team leader at the start (because that’s not loyalty, it’s indifference with a mask on)
  • Second, as a millennial, I’m always thinking about what’s next in my professional career, but instead I should pay more attention to the long-term value of my team because that’ll be recognized over my yearning to move up

This read was a perfect accompaniment to my current reading of “The Hard Thing About Hard Things”. It’s like a quick summary of a good chunk of that book. Thanks for that!