Instructions for Hurricanes:

Say yes
to the second drink.
Hold your hands out
for the sand to settle in the cracks of your palms, in the cracks in your plans.
Let your house come down.
Houses are not, 
have never been 

This is all 
a series of accidents, and accidents are not things
you can draw diagrams of.
There is no almanac
And sometimes the only sure thing
is that most storms have eyes
and eyes
cannot get lost.
Stand in the night air.
Let yourself get cold
This is not
algorithms. This is not satellites. This is not atlases. 
You are 
going to be more afraid than this. You are going to be
washed out to sea.
You are going to be
elated and terrified and beautiful 
with your eyelashes full of salt water
and your heart

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