Love Notes To Tired Anarchists

Mostly what will happen
Is you’ll climb uphill
And uphill
And uphill
And tell yourself that it’s got to be long
And slow
And you’ll die before the Big Changes come
But you’re paving the way, right?
And someone is going to benefit from this, right?
And someday they’ll stop selling black bodies to prisons, right?
And someday rape culture will stop being normalized, right?
And someday the ruling class will stop devouring us, right?
And someday your friends will stop being murdered, right?
And then sometimes
It will not be enough.
And you will have to lay on the floor
Of the shitty apartment you rent
In the upper of some house
In a neighborhood you won’t be able to stay in much longer
Since the streets are getting cleaned up
By people who can afford fancy things like
Doctors, and
Car payments
Who don’t even know about
The body count
Rising daily,
Who say we’re all exaggerating
And you’ll lay very still
In a hot room
In the summer
And feel the floor meet your spine
And you’ll decide 
You can’t anymore
Because it’s too much
And you’ll feel like
It’s useless
And we are all going to die.
But there are still kids
Out there
In the bloc
With bricks
And there is still a 
Legacy of 
In your twenties
Feeding people for free
There is still
A bandana in your pocket
There is still every poem you’ve ever written
Demanding raised fists and raised voices
There are still parts of you
That will never be afraid
There is still 
Your breath
There is still 
A way for roots to crack foundations
There is still 
An hour from now
When you will get up
Off that floor
You are not
You will choose this
And someone will see you choosing this
And someone will choose this alongside you
Even on the worst days
You will do this
Because you can’t