Avant-garde Art

Person of Two

Main stream and common point of view on art exist in every century, accepted by society. Most people perceive it as eternal, unchangeable, constant. But there is always a small group of creative people who cross the boundaries of traditions and offer other versions and new forms of art. They can be named avant-garde artists. Can we consider this new forms as art? Definitely, if they do not infringe the principles which are inherent to art.

In fact, art has its principles of proportion, rhythm, harmony of color, display of space. Breaking them, It is impossible to create a work of art. Art is not something that someone likes, or even most people. Art must be created by its own internal principles.

Another question, always whether advance guard artists create completely new forms?

The people of the last centuries were captivated by the fascination of realism art. Realism was understandable because of its resemblance to nature It was accessible and understandable to most people. Many of us know somewhat about the culture of ancient times, where depicted griffins, three-headed snakes, described centaurs in the mythologies.

Creators, crossing barriers of traditions, frequently returned to more ancient forms of art and discovery them all over again. Picasso, the founder of Cubism, used the style of African sculpture and the Cezanne system. As always, the founders of new movements are very few. It is incredibly difficult to create absolutely something new, that has never been and accessible only to rare talented artists.

At present, the boundaries of the perception of art are extended. The public is ready to accept innovative ideas in art, although most people are always conservative.