Dave and Chris. By now, everyone knows: they both really fucked-up. They not only fucked-up, but they (and many others) have also fucked-up with either hitting on, violating consent with touch, or behaving inappropriately with many more prospective founders & startup execs, than any of us probably realize.

We—women—don’t often…

Dining hall, at Pennsylvania’s The Hill School; Don Jr. and Eric Trump’s 9–12 alma matter. Image totally swiped w/o permission.

A bowl of Skittles is pictured, with the question: “If I told you just three would kill you, would you take a handful?” The individual asking the question is a young white American man. College educated, elite boarding-school reared, and the son of a presidential candidate; EVP of a major…

nina alter

Maker of things. Instigator of change. Optimist. Estropreneur. For now. Michigan girl, always. bigwheel.net

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