Everyone is a designer. Get over it.
Daniel Burka

LOVE the devil-doodle of Jared! ❤

We actually had the privilege of Jared presenting his Tipping Point talk at IxDA Portland, about a week after the Twitter OMGWTF moment you cited as the conversation’s spark.

I brought-up the Tweet’phoon just before closing-out our Q&A with Jared, and a final question asked by an attendee was: “WHY do you think everyone got so defensive?” Jared’s response imho was spot-on: that simply, as designers, we don’t value ourselves or our skill-sets enough, to not feel threatened or territorial when it’s suggested that (gasp!) a product manager might also be a designer. Sure, the hyper-fetishization of “tech, tech, tech! coding, coding coding!” may be partially to blame, but I appreciated how as an educator, Jared‘s taken ownership of that as a pedagogical imperative for our profession to evolve, for Centre Center to address.