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Ny Times and other media reported that Obama was waiting for an aggressive campaign for his party individuals the chief executive is already scheduled to rise to a fundraiser democratic Wednesday in New York, one day after the six states hold their nomination contest he suggested that he wants to spend a lot of time on the marketing campaign trail so when it s time to do that, we’ll go away with guns blazing communication White house, Jennifer Psaki director said he is actively considering the use of the President on the campaign trail who works for a candidate that works for your pet and the way to leverage their talents and his appeal only last week, Obama said this individual suspects the Republican prospect occupies about 70 % of this news right now, and lashed out at American culture for being too celebrities and famedriven

That two teamed up to extinguish Trump’s populist embers and consolidate the company behind the Democratic Gathering is an ironic section in their nine yr history of the earlier Obama was the emphasis of Clinton’s pragmatist ire she flailed in 2007 and 2008 seeking to deflate Obama’s idealistic Change we can believe in the message with a cold blast of reality you [do not] promise a meeting at that high a level before you know very well what the intentions are, she taught him or her from the creation playbook when he brazenly promised to meet with Iranian and Cuban State in his first year the lady reduced his early competitors to the Iraq attack as mere speechifying his entire campaign is centered on a speech we certainly have a saying in 2002 versus a record of accomplishment and an admittance in action

They both have records of accomplishment from the same administration an attack on the establishment and status quo is at least in part an attack on them, but Clinton,,,,,,