WANTED — Data Developer with Machine Learning Experience

Nine Connections is looking for a talented Data Developer to join our team! We are in search of someone who shares our humor, understands our vision and will join us on our exciting journey towards world domination!

Nine Connections is a social AI tech startup headquartered in Amsterdam. Using a unique and predictive algorithm, we enable easy discovery and distribution of the right content at the right time to the right people.

What you’ll be working with, is not just exciting but also pretty cool. We’re creating an AI-powered engine that works with data from various social entities to create predictions about their behaviour. You’ll be working with neural networks, predictive tools, pattern recognition, evolutionary algorithms and lots of interesting data.

Your responsibilities (should you choose to accept them) are:

● You will need to know your way around creating, using and optimizing neural networks effectively.

● You need to be able to scrutinize complex data and making it comprehensible.

● You will need to provide analysis and data support for our current and future product offerings.


● Background in machine learning, artificial intelligence or mathematics is critical.

● You have a relevant educational degree and demonstrable amount of work experience working with statistical data.

● You have outstanding analytical and communication skills. You enjoy problem-solving and have a keen eye for detail.

● You are excited by new technology and you have a passion for it.

● You are flexible and don’t believe in the 9–5 mentality and can function independently as well as in a team.

● You appreciate quality coffee probably. Or tea. A lot. We will be verifying this within the first round of interviews.

We offer a lot of professional freedom so a strong sense of responsibility and work ethic is paramount. A sense of humor is also really important.

What’s next?
 If this sounds like you, then we have a task for you already.

 Christian is driving his Tesla and keeps record of the charging time, and the level of power of the charging station. By doing this, he can keep track of how many kilometres he can drive with each charge. You can find the list of records for one year in this file. Please fill in the missing kilometer data for the corresponding days.
 Download the Excel-file here.

Once you’re done, just drop us a line before 20th February 2016. Tell us why you think you would be great for the job along with the completed assignment and send both of them to: newadventures@nineconnections.com. You can also directly contact our in-house awesome data developer Fehim: fehim@nineconnections.com

Meet your future colleague Fehim
 1989, Isperih, Bulgaria

What is it what you do at Nine Connections?
I am in charge of the predictions. I analyze data to detect patterns and provide predictive information about the future engagement of articles on social media. We collect historical data, and train our artificial neural networks with them. Our optimization algorithm ensures that we are always using the best possible AI neural network for each of our specific tasks. Later using the brains we trained, we run predictive analysis on articles and predict their future engagement.

What is a week in the life of Fehim?
I start the week with testing the new features we introduced in the previous week, both qualitatively and quantitatively. This helps a lot in catching bugs and providing insight on the areas where we can improve our predictive power. This usually takes one day. For the next few days, I do lots of research on math concepts and algoritms and come up with ideas to to improve the performance. Later, I implement what I researched that week and make it ready for weekly deployment.

What is the thing you enjoy the most in what you do?
I really enjoy doing research, reading academic articles and testing with various models of machine learning. I have always been fond of learning new stuff, so I think what I do fits me really well. Think about it, I work with self-learning artificial brains every single day. That’s pretty fascinating stuff.

What is the most embarrassing mistake you made?
 I’ve once written a module that constantly crashed every single server within the company. Pretty amazing. Also, I fell of my chair on the first day at the office.

What is your signature dish? 
I’ve been known for my beef jerky. Apparently, it is so good that my colleagues steal it from the fridge and take it home.

Tea or coffee?
Let’s say tea then, specifically earl grey tea with dried buds of the tea flowers.

What does your typical lunch look like?
I don’t do lunch, because I don’t like leaving my work to eat lunch. When I eat, I try to really enjoy my food. That doesn’t work while I’m busy with work and lunch at the same time.

What is a funny habit that no one knows about you?
I fall asleep on the couch, almost everyday.

What was the last thing you expected when you came into this office?
The office is a pretty cool place. Our bosses take the entire office staff out to movies fairly often. In the last few months, we have seen the new Star Wars and more recently, The Hateful Eight together.