January Is The Black Friday For Mobile App Monetization

In the holiday season, millions of people buy and gift new mobile devices and no doubt they also download new mobile applications and enjoy getting familiar with it. It is found that the average smartphone app users install 36 apps in which 26% apps are used daily.

In the below infographic created by AdMob & App Annie, January is said to be the Black Friday for mobile app monetization. It says that mobile application downloads and usage touch the highest level in the month of January.

The infographic is explaining 3 strategies to keep your users engaged with your smartphone app in the new year.

1. Get Ready For The Busy App Downloads

Holiday time is a busy time for mobile application downloads, it surely brings good revenue for mobile apps. Thus, submit your smartphone app for approval in early December, so that it becomes live before the month of January.

2. Keep The Relevancy In Mind

Different regions in the world celebrate the festival in their own unique ways. Thus, make sure that the ads are relevant to the market that you are targeting. Firstly, know your users and then customize the mobile app accordingly.

3. Play The Game Smartly

Use the right app monetization strategy for the right type of audiences. The infographic says that in-app-purchases is a good opportunity for gaming apps to generate more revenue and according to the research, the apps with interstitial ads generate more revenue compared with the apps having no interstitial ads.

Before you run the mobile app monetization plan, firstly test which plan is working the best for your phone app and then choose the right one.

Check out the complete infographic below to understand the app monetization strategies in depth.

The infographic is originally published at theninehertz

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