All Those Who Do NOT Want To Be Successful?

Raise your hands!

Authored by Arpita Talukdar

Well, I do not think anyone has raised their hands. If you disagree, you can always convey your thoughts in the comment section.

Anyway, let’s proceed, assuming that all of us desire to be successful.
When I hear the words perseverance, conviction, determination and the like, a story resonates in my head; one which I had read when in school. Yesteryear it was, but the story still infuses some amount of motivation within me.
I do not know how many of you have read this story, but if you have, then I am confident you will agree with me. For all those who have not read or heard of it, I will try to sum it up in a few sentences.

This is the story of King Bruce who was hiding in a cave after giving up in a battle. Hopeless about winning the battle, he prayed for his life. Just then he saw a spider struggling to weave its web. After multiple failures, the spider did not give up and finally, made a success.
It is evident that it was the spider which instilled such determination in the king that he rose to fight the unfinished battle.
But, why am I talking about this tale here?

Most of the time a majority of us give up just when we are inches apart from success. And the worst part is that we do not even realize how close we were when we gave up. However, sometimes it so happens that a tiny thing like a spider can be a source of great inspiration. It may so happen that we are all set to give up on a project or assignment and begin the day with nothing but pessimism. Out of nowhere, on our way to the office, we get motivated to give it another try and that might produce results.

We learned to walk after multiple falls and not even our moms would have a count as to how many bruised skin incidents finally taught us to run. The mantra to success is never to give up and relentless hard work… sounds cliché but I guess truth does not lose the essence even when cliché.
I hope all my readers are still with me!

So, what I have been trying to drive home all this while was that to achieve success, we need to be consistent in our attempts; rather, each consecutive attempt must be better than the preceding one.

Easier said than done… Being consistent is not an easy task but this is the only way to accomplish anything in life. And trust me when I say ONLY.
Therefore, we chose ‘Mettle’ as a value at Nineleaps and till date, we have seen not one but many personifications of this value. Here, we have people who are not bogged down by any difficulty but on the contrary, the obstacles work as a fuel for them to go that extra mile and set examples, newer benchmarks to be followed.

Mettle is the spirit to keep trying despite various difficulties and varying levels of it. Every time someone displayed this value, the results were crystal clear.

Hard work, focus and knowledge can all get blurred if at times of difficulty we cannot keep calm and cope with it.

As we reach the end of this article, let’s pledge to ourselves never to give up, no matter what the situation be.

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