People, Data, and Me

My parents used to joke to me that I was born with the neck cable from The Matrix instead of an umbilical cord.

Once, after a dangerous carnival ride in which I almost flew from the seat, I told my dad that my life flashed before my eyes. When he asked what it was like, I made the screeching sound of a 90’s dial-up modem.

Suffice to say, I love the internet, and quite frankly, I consider it a part of me.

The internet is how I’ve learned a lot of the things I know in life. Cooking, hobbies, Japanese, even how to build web pages — I’m a self-taught developer. As a result, I’m immensely interested in how we can continue to develop the internet in directions that help people obtain knowledge and use data in increasingly more accessible ways.

I’m really excited about the things that have come to the forefront — from Drupal 8 enabled Chatbots to the plethora of AI-enabled smart assistants that help us find out when the next movie showtimes near us are, or turn the living room lights on and off when we just can’t be bothered to get up.

With the onset of deep data analytics, we can serve better tailored experiences to particular audiences. We can focus on how to best use our efforts to grow society in ways we might not have seen with just our own eyes. And finally, we can multiply our efforts and insights using our second brains — computers and our AI companions — so that we can live more robust, fuller lives.

So, hi there. Thanks for joining me. I’m planning to learn a lot this year and hope you find some of it helpful, too.