I traveled to my root this morning. I slithered through my spine. I went back in time, to a time before time defined me. I met a little girl named Unyque. 3 feet. Kindersley street. Mom got beat. Blood on the floor dirtied the little girls feet. 2 feet. Daddy’s in jail. Mommy doesn’t have money for bail. The little girl misses him. She writes him letters. She prays to God that things will get better. No feet. She dwells in her mommy's womb. Darkness fills the root. Light fills the tomb. She is her mommy’s egg. She is her daddy’s seed. She is the combination. Creation. Accidental fertilization. Coincidental neo-nation. At the root and tip of her spine she is Unyque. Destiny is hers. I met a little girl named Unyque. She lives at my root and at the bottom of my spine. I promise her: Destiny is mine.