Condor Heart Creations

Who we are is an informative website as well as an online shop or a medium to shop online or directly from it’s team. Our Team consists of young entrepreneurs who strongly believe in continuing our ancestor’s traditions, by maintaining millenary practices and techniques alive. We believe in coexisting with nature, as it is the only sustainable way of living, we strive to make a positive impact in our environment and people. We also help other entrepreneurs sell their products online and help them promote their products. At Condor Heart Creations we are taking a step towards our dreams by practicing fair trade, we give our artisans credit for their work, as well as their intellectual property. The idea of ‘creating’ Condor Heart was born many years ago, with the vision of making hand made products and many other products accessible to people that appreciate this kind of work all over the globe! We believe that giving back to the community and nature is a way of sharing… “It is not good, until you share it”… by Ninfa G. (Founder and CEO of Condor Creaciones).

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