Research object 01 _Sophie Calle.

Newton said that If I have seen farther than others, it is because I was standing on the shoulders of giants. It’s not cliche and, in art & design areas, it would give some helps for artists to develop their works a lot. So, in this stage, I am going to research some artists who create their works by interviewing with some people and who bring ideology to be discussed in their works. See how they utilize this kind of information in order to find the methods to deal with my interview results.

  • Blind by Sophie Calle

The book ‘Blind’ is created by Sophie Calle, usually mixing text and image together in her artworks. It combines three different works, including the Blind, Blind Color and the Last Image, from 1986 to 2010. Before reading it, I was trying to figure out how the interview’s description functions the visual demonstration or what works refers to this kind of design way to respond the efficiency of interviews.

The first work of the Blind in this book is based on the question of the concept of beauty by people who are blind since birth, and then illustrates those answers with her photographs. In second work, Calle invites blind people to provide the comments of the monochrome comparing those of some artists. The last one also relates to blind people but those who once saw and lost the sense by different reasons. Calle takes photos by their mentions of the last image they see.

This book influences me a lot. On the one hand, it makes me rethink who are blind. Visible people? Do blind people not see the world? What are the meanings of beauty and color, and the purpose of photography? On the other hand, it gives me some answers of the questions that I mentioned in the beginning. Firstly, in the results of interviews, the clarification of locations, objects or terrains can bring visual connection between interviewees and creators. Secondly, wide concept (the idea of beauty) could be narrowed through the focusing on certain objects (blind people). In my project, I focused my objects on people who live in the East and educations in West countries to talk about the eastern values.

Moreover, it inspired me to do second questionnaire. I want to collect the concept of success, beauty, education and occupation hierarchy with ordinary interviewees to design my other work. In my view, a satisfactory work is not only to uncover the problems but also to bring some possible resolutions. It is my ambition in my career, as well as the thing I want to do in my exhibition. By my works, I hope not only to demonstrate the sentiments people disagreed with in the society but also to bring different connections of those values. Just like Celle gives readers a new vision in the world by blind people in this amazing book!