Heroes & Villains

In the first class of motion stop, we learn about how to extend an idea with different types, brainstorm, mind-map and visual brain-dump. Afterwards, an assignment is to think about 3 people who are heroes or villains for me, or combining both in 3. Then build and extend them in the way you choose.

I choose mind-map. So who are people that are my heroes? Just check this video and you will know One of my heroes. Yes, he is Stefan Sagmeister, a notorious designer from Australia, who work in New York City. He attracted my attention when I watched a CD cover, Mountains of Madness, that he made. Was anything to present how madness is? This is the best one. He always challenges and experiments on design and is being a child in curiosity. If someone is the person who encouraaged people to engage in the same area, for me, Stefan Sagmeister would be the person who persuades me to be a graphic designer in my life.

In addition, Kashiwa Sato san is also a person who I admire. What is the graphic design? It is inevitable to satisfy with the need of industry. Then how to get a balance of satisfaction between industry and designers is a big challenge. I think Kashiwa Sato san did a good job between them.

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