What are the four discussions?

As you see from now on, there are four topics I would like to discuss. They are the values of success, female beauty, education and occupation hierachay.

After doing research of Barbara Kruger, I considered to change the captions as “someone says to my viewers”. In addition, Kruger’s utilization of special pronouns such as “I”, “We”, “You”, “me”, “us”, “you” in her writing made me do some improvements.

Therefore, firstly, I recreated my two posters in two captions “Be me. I belong to the top of society” and “Your success is same as mine. Money”. Secondly, reedit the words and change the caption from “tear it down, if you disagree” to “fight it, then tear it down” to achieve an tearing encouragement for my audiences. Thirdly, I changed the second poster’s image to Donald Trump’s portrait instead of Barack Obama’s one. The reason to do it is because, in my view, the connection between money and success in Trump’s image is stronger than that in Obama. Besides, I rewrite the cover information as “ You save me to another future” in the first poster because I thought it may have many resonances for my viewers, compared with the original information “I hate it so much”.

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