Second week: research and practical works

In the last week, for the first results of my interview, it was assumed that 11 could be discussed in Eastern values, I recently started with these resources as poster design way and the research of poster design.

Swiss Graphic Design.

From now on, my design consideration is still to focus on the interaction way. However, as an recommendation from one of tutors to design these values as posters, I thought it was a nice advice as initial prototypes and then I still could keep my concentration on finding the interactive possibility of each poster. Just as the first and second poster that utilize a “tearing” direction with my audiences. In order to look at the poster construction deeply, I researched poster design in “100 Years of Swiss Graphic Design”.

After some inspirations from that book, I developed my third poster. The first version is the beginning of the arrangement. This time, I focused on much more on word composition. A red line in Artist is to emphasize the lowest order in this list. I also considered that I could use other effects to present its emphasis later. As considering a series of poster design, I used a black-white picture again with red words in the second version. However, I looked back my research in Swiss Graphic Design and thought that if I used different arrangement in a text message from small to large size, it would be a metaphor for occupation hierarchy.

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