Riddled with and Rattled by R.M. Drake Quotes.

Nini Yomi-Layinka
Apr 10 · 3 min read

“Maybe I hope too much

Maybe I dream too much

Or maybe

I love too much to just give up on you….”

These are some of the biggest maybes in my life at the moment.

I’m lost in thought at the smallest moments

Wondering if I’m doing the right thing with my life

Spending all this time here with you

Am I doing it because I have this dream or false façade about what we could be?

Could it be that I feel like I’ve invested too much and poured too much of me into this?

Or maybe I just love too much and just assume this is the right thing to do

Or maybe it’s the right thing and my dream will become a reality…

Or is this in itself one of my dreams again….

Am I here telling myself I’m boxing myself up because building a career is more important that an instant swollen account?

Am I telling myself that the long term benefits of building a career are worth so much more than getting money fast?

Am I doing all this because I hope too much or dream too much?

Or because I’m too scared.

“Maybe we aren’t meant for this, maybe we’re meant for more

So be patient with what hurts and smile at what you’ve learned.

The process is beautiful.

If you don’t trust it you’ll go through it again.

And nothing is ever really lost but time is, if the same love is experienced more than once.”

Then I come across something like this and begin to wonder, is this the principle I actually live by?

Am I in it because I’m learning and appreciating that it’s a process?

Am I picking myself back up and picking us back up because, this isn’t all we’re meant to be?

Because really and truly we’re meant to be more…

Because you might actually be the one

The one to change my life, in many more ways than I could have ever imagined.

The one to make me find parts of me that I never even knew existed

Maybe we’re here, right now, together, in this moment with each other for a purpose none of us could even have thought of.

And maybe I’m still at this job, building this career, taking all this shit

Because there really and truly is a lesson to be learnt

Because its preparing me for something that’s ahead of me

Arming me with all the tools and ammunition that I’ll need for what’s to come

“…and I’m praying for the person I’ll become. I pray that God grants me peace, love, and healing. I pray my brokenness gets understood. I pray my emptiness gets filled and I pray everything that hurts me sets me free… because I haven’t been myself lately and I hope the future is as good as I want it to be.”


This is my final say on this

I pray that my dreams come true

I pray that you truly are the one and that the lessons I’m learning are lessons we can share

I pray that all this time helps us build and grow something that’s really for us

I pray that our struggles make us stronger

I pray that this path I’m towing really is the right one

I pray that it leads me to the career I’m trying to build and the swollenness of my account

A combination of both would be amazing

I pray that the steps I’m taking aren’t steps to regrets

And that when the something ahead of me comes, I’m truly prepared

“…I pray that the future is as good as I want it to be…”

***All quotes are were gotten from R.M. Drake.***